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Our Goal

The goal of SpywareRemoverCompare.blogspot.com is to help you understand what spyware is and to help educate you on the kinds of threats posed by spyware and adware and the tools you can use to take back control of your computer from annoying popups, PC slow down and other problems caused by spyware.

"The Trojans That Steal Your Passwords & Credit Card Details... Quarantine These Trojans At All Cost...!"

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Testing results

We randomly tested PC's that were infected with spyware starting with those of our friends and family members and then expanded our research further to publicly accessible computers found in libraries and internet cafes where spyware infections are much more severe and harder to eliminate. After running our tests with numerous spyware applications, they are now spyware free. But only a handful of applications were actually effective at removing the spyware.

Best Anti Spyware Tools For Eliminating Adware. Trojans and Viruses

All of our recommendations update their databases frequently to stay on top of the continuous changes in the spyware industry and offer responsive helpful support that will help you resolve any problems you may have.

All of the software below is:

  • 100% spyware and virus free. If you choose to use one of these spyware removers you will not be downloading any spyware, adware, or viruses to your PC. These are clean and safe programs.
  • Compatible with your firewall and Antivirus software. If you use programs like Norton AntiVirus, MacAfee Virus Scan, Trend Micro, Zone Alarm Firewall, Windows Firewall or other antivirus and firewall software you should experience no conflicts or problems.
  • Not resource intensive. These applications will not impact the speed of your computer or the performance of other software applications running on your PC.

Our top choice, Netcom3  spyware trojan remover Windows ME, 2000, XP and Vista readynetcom

Netcom3 is a complete suite that not only speeds up your computer, removes errors, and protects your PC from Trojans, Worms, & worse of all... Keylogger Trojans that try to steal your credit card and other personal information, you may like this complete internet security suite from Netcom3...

There is the Spyware Remover. It contains a Live On Guard protections that protects your PC from being infiltrated with spyware or adware. It is updated daily from its servers for the latest spyware definitions. The Live On Guard function also prevents popups from loa'ding and running virus scripts.

There is also the Registry Cleaner that is able to improve your RAM and CPU performance by scanning and optimizing your registry files. This will remove the frequent occurrence of PC crashes.

With Netcom3, you'll be getting a Registry Cleaner and Spyware Trojan remover that's used by coporations like ebay and millions of home users, and for me personally... works well to remove Trojan.Vundo.

Click here to learn more and get a free scan.

XoftSpy offers a couple extremely useful features including Trojan.Vundo removal which allows you to remove this pop-up trojan virus which displays multiple pop up advertisements on your Internet Explorer browser.

XoftSpy will remove the following trojans:

  • Trojan horse Generic8.ODJ
  • Trojan horse dropper.generic.OAC
  • Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic9.ACJW
  • Trojan horse Generic - c.EQ - INFECTED
  • Trojan Horse Generic
  • Trojan horse Dropper.Delf.3.L
  • Trojan horse proxy.BUF
  • Trojan horse flooder.ake
  • Trojan Horse Psw
  • Trojan horse Generic9.AAVJ
  • Trojan Horse Generic 10 FX
  • Trojan Horse Small 28 AU
  • Trojan horse Downloader.Small.18.T

XoftSpy alsos offer email protection, and will protect your computer from harmful .exe attachments that are actually trojans trying to allow hackers to gain access to your computer and display frustrating Pop-Up advertisements to more serious hacker threats.

Spyware is a serious threat and careful consideration should be taken to ensure the right choice for your particular situation. You can consult the reviews below to make certain you find the right solution for your spyware problems.

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Side-by-Side Comparisons of Top Rated Spyware Removers

  Trojan Vundo



Trojan Vundo

Spyware Nuker

Trojan Vundo


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free spyware scan

free spyware scan

free spyware scan

free spyware scan

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Technical Support

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Windows 2000 img img img img
Windows 98 img img img img
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Summary: Side-by-Side Comparisons of Top Rated Spyware Removers


** Log file analysis is a feature allowing you to automatically send support staff the results of your spyware scan so they can personally analyze and diagnose your spyware problem which is extremely helpful if the automated scan does not resolve all of your spyware and adware problems.

* Remote Desktop support allows support technicians to remotely access your PC and diagnose and fix problems while you watch. It is completely voluntary and secure.

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